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Yoga Vs Gym workout - "Is there really a difference?"

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Today we can choose from a variety of work out options, which include the most common, such as going it alone at home, take a pause, because reality will kick in and your thoughts of "time time time", "just a few more minutes in bed" take heed. Or, we have the option of going to the gym! Now this infuses the happy social comments to friends of "Oh yeah, yeah,yeah, let's go". However, many have the willingness and the eagerness in January due to the numerous offers and the after Christmas fat feeling surge but never actually get there, or your visits tend to die out by February. From a personal view it doesn't really matter where you choose to workout. I have tried at home, in the park and at the gym but I have settled with doing both Yoga and my Gym workout at home and I guess the truthfulness of the

issue of fitness boils down to "How much do you really want to do it?" but more importantly "Do you really want to do it for yourself?" - These questions takes my thoughts back to my mindset! "Am I really motivated to stay healthy in my body, mind and spirit?" and, if I am "Where does my motivation come from?". I took some time out and really thought about these questions, and over time I comfortably could answer with a sense of meaning. Yes! I am motivated to stay healthy, fit and mentally well. Me! I motivate myself because it is good for me to be in control of my own well being. Now, that does not mean I do not need help along the way! It just means that I am in control of me and my present moments, I control my journey of shaping who I present to the world.

My initial thoughts of embarking on the choice between Yoga and a Gym workout program was "Yes" there is a difference! One involves a lot of bending and stretching making you feel calm and relaxed, the other, involves a lot of jumping up and down making you feel hot and sweaty... Well, I was wrong, oh so wrong.

If I am to be honest with you, as I progressed and developed they both caused me to move at a pace that altered my breathing and both made me hot and sweaty! And for those of you that know me - know how much I tend not to like feeling hot and sweaty - but let me continue. As you know, from either being a client or just from visiting my website and reading my blogs, holistic therapy is an important passion, I enjoy it, I apply it and I utilise

its strengths for myself and others. Opting for Yoga practice was always on the cards.

My first ever experience HURT! The bending and stretching my body was exposed to was such a new experience to me but yet, the pain felt like a good pain, the experience left me wanting more. As I continued going to my sessions my mind, body and spirit started to absorb the aura. My body melted into stretch positions that I never imagined I could do. The intensity of connecting the breath with each stretch enhanced my flexibility, from the frequent use of 'downward facing dog' to the balance of a 'shoulder pose' and the plantation of the tree pose, I yearned for more practice each week. Now, I cannot say that my Yoga partner or friends who accompanied me had the same experience, as after one session, I vaguely remember one saying "Never again", whilst the other saying "Hmmm, I'll let you know if I am coming next week", for him, next week never came - so folks, it is not easy but, if my words have any impact, it is a definite rewarding continued experience.

Which brings me onto the use of the gym workout, now, I guess at the beginning I held the perception that if I go to the gym, I will be fit after.... well the only thing wrong with that is I actually had to WORK OUT, and WORK OUT HARD to see the results that I wanted. For this experience I have my dear sister to thank. One of her adorations is running and I fondly remember her participating in the London Marathon a few years back. It was such a sense of achievement for her and I felt so proud of her. On reflection, it was because of her and my compelling nature toward working with young people that I signed up to be a continued NSPCC Sports Massage Therapist volunteer at the London Marathon.

My sister's training involved not only running but also maintaining her body and her strength! Bring on the introduction of T25!. Here, I give credit to Sean T. If you know, then you know. Insanity was a killer, so he thoughtfully produced a more subtle but still challenging version of a full body workout. Taking lead from my sister, who I must say is a valued role model. I took on the T25 challenge! I initially used the structure in the Gym, however, due to my work constraints at the time, I implemented it into my 'At home fitness routine'. What can I say "sweat, pain, and dare I say it, left me yearning for more!. This challenge, as did Yoga worked on every muscle and internal system within my body! Weight - 'See you later!', Abs - 'Like fire!' Waist - 'Well hello please' and Butt - 'Hell Yeah!' This was hard but the effort and sense of achievement, just said 'keep going'.

So, back to; Is there a difference? In theory, yes, two different practices, two different methods but for me the results are the same - Getting used to being hot and sweaty, but more importantly they continue to support a creation of a positive mindset, gratification of self worth and a stunning physique that suited my body goals - So why do I do both? Simply because they are part of my way of life. 25mins a day allocated to both Yoga and a Gym workout, 3 days a week. Do remember a good workout with results, requires a good meal plan and substantial hydration. #StayFit, #StayHealthy

As my mindset bible says! "Resolve to try it yourself for 21 days before you pass judgment on whether or not it is helping you. My promise to you is that, by the time you have practiced these behaviours for 21 days, your whole world will have changed in positive ways that you cannot even imagine" (Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement, 1993)

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