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DIY - Self - Care Massage at home (COVID-19)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Are you yearning for the touch of healing hands, can't wait to feel the power of touch from your massage therapist. These are unprecedented times that we are going through. These are times that show us how strong the human body and mind can be, but along the way we are also inclined to falter! And you know what! That is ok!.

We miss our families, we miss our friends, we miss our 1:1 time out - The time you allocate to look after you, whether it be an hour on a Saturday morning before you take the kids to their dance class or meet up with friends for lunch, or just half a day to enjoy a Sunday "Me time" afternoon. This time of uncertainty does not mean you still cannot look after You. You, in yourself, are filled with worry, filled with the what next, BUT if you don't take time aside to look after You... what is the "What next for you?"

As a Massage Therapist, the power of touch is so important. I miss working with my clients, I miss being part of their healing process, hearing about their aches and pains and not being able to help them due to the circumstances of this pandemic is hard for me. So! I offer my service to you in the best way I can by affording you ways that draw you away from the stand still of life as we know it now and bring you back to a zone where you can develop the skills of the 'Power of touch' to de stress your mind, put a hold on the overthinking and worrying about the what next to the aches and pains from working from home as well as tending to your family needs.

Creating the "YOU" Space

Find a quiet space, seated on your sofa or lying in your bed. Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds, no interruptions, repeat this for 3 rounds. This will draw you into your own private space of relaxation.

You can listen to some meditation music if you wish, have scented candles. I tend to listen to the sounds of light rain with soft winds in the back ground whilst breathing in to the smell of lavender incense to create an calm yet free space in my mind.

When you feel like you are in your "You" space try to identify where your tension spots are, where your body is telling you it's not ok, as you breathe in send the breath to that area of pain to let your body know your mind is in tune and you are preparing yourself to heal.

The Techniques

Once you have aligned your mind to your body pain try to use one, if not all the methods below aid your healing process.

Head Massage techniques (Tension headaches)

  • Place your middle finger from both your right and left hand at the top of your hairline and press with a light to medium pressure for 5 seconds, move your fingers to the centre of your forehead and hold for 5 seconds and finally move your fingers to the bridge of your nose and hold for 5 seconds - breathe in and out at each stage and repeat 3 times.

  • Place the pads of your thumbs underneath your forehead, make sure they are close to the bridge of your nose. Press firmly upwards towards your forehead, hold the pressure for 10 seconds and breath in deeply as you feel the pressure deepen. Repeat 3 times.

  • With both hands, using your thumb and middle finger, pinch your eyebrows, breathe deeply and hold for 10 seconds, repeat 3 times, moving your fingers down the length of your brow each time, remembering that you are still in your "You" Space, you should start to feel your body fall into relaxation even further.

  • Maintain contact with your forehead and move your three middle fingers to the sides of your temple, press firmly and use a steady pressure slightly rotate your fingers in this area for 10 seconds, you should feel the skin moving the muscles. Repeat 3 times.

Shoulder and neck techniques (Tightness in your upper shoulders, neck strain)

  • Place a soft cushion behind your back and sit up straight and relax your shoulders so they drop and are loose.

  • Slowly bend your head into your chin, so you feel the stretch in your neck, holding that position, place your three middle fingertips on the base of your neck where your neck and shoulders meet. Using a firm pressure press and hold the pads of your fingers for 3 seconds, breath and repeat 3 times on either side.

  • Raise your head slowly, with arms relaxed either side, turn your head to the left just until you feel a gentle stretch, for a for deeper stretch use your right hand to push into the base of your jaw. Only hold this stretch for a short period of time. Repeat for the right side.

  • Relax your shoulders, sitting up right, slowly rotate your shoulders forward - breathe and repeat 3 times. Follow the same method to slowly rotate backwards.

  • You should feel a fully rotational stretch. Lean back to your "You" space and relax for a few moments.

Arms and Hands (Strain and soreness to your wrists)

  • Place your right hand onto the outer muscle at the top of your arm, Gently squeeze this muscle into the palm of your hand forward and release, towards the elbow. repeat 3 times and apply the same technique to the other hand.

  • Rest your arm on the arm of your sofa and gentle place the heel of your other palm into the muscle of the elbow, press with a medium pressure slowly along the forearm into the direction of your wrist. Repeat this 3 times.

  • Rotate the wrist slowly forward and backwards. Repeat 3 times

  • Turn your hands upwards and use the thumb to push along the points of each muscle in each of your fingers.

Do drink water before and after using these techniques. The body and mind has been through a sense of toxin release and has worked to provide a sense of healing so you may feel a little dehydrated, sleepy and hopefully relaxed and re-energised.

To all my clients, please do keep in touch and inform me of your well being and if you are new and have used these techniques then I would love to hear from you too.

Until we meet again, Stay Safe, Stay Relaxed.

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