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Self-Care Home Spa Day - A gift from Me to You, because I Miss You

Updated: May 12, 2020

With the lockdown still upon us and a shining glimmer of hope as we watched the Prime Minster's speech, 'Thanking us for following guidelines' we still have a way to go, however, trying to focus on a positive! just hearing that there is some hope to start a new normal bought a marginal sigh of relief! and led me to a hindsight moment.

I took some time out of Yoga and workouts last week and spent a few days really reflecting on how I can take the feeling of missing my family get togethers, sharing quality time with them to a heightened level of joy. As you know I am a fond believer in positive thinking and "Me time" even as a Massage Therapist, I eagerly await for the day to come when I can, not only bear hug my family but also book a much needed treatment with my own Massage Therapist. Yes! I practice and indulge in what I preach. I value the service of fellow therapists. Holistic therapy comes in so many different forms, from the "The power of touch" to the "grounding of mindfulness", right into the laughter and tears of joy that we promote. HOW! we feel and HOW! we make each other feel is such an important part of our mental well being, we need to acknowledge each emotion, welcome them and understand them. Each day You are on a journey to help yourself build a better version of You, in turn you then start to promote a positive mindset to offer your kindness to others, not for profit but for the sheer vocation of appreciation and kindness, something that can easily go amiss with the fast pace of life.

With that said I decided to offer something to my much loved family members, something where they could create 'keep sake' memories and have that moment of "Remember when it was just me and you" with their children. Rather than keeping the Shea butter lotions and creams I made to myself and lavishly reaping the benefits. I started to make up a batch of assortments and set up a "Pamper Me, Pamper You" delivery package. Giving credit to SuperDrug face masks, these beauties are a real treat when you need a DIY Spa day.

So what's in the pack:

1. My No1 winner - Shea butter with Eucalyptus oil - great for respiratory release and an uplifting face and body butter, review my recipe blog to help you along the way of making your own.

2. Delightful soft whipped cream Shea butter and almond oil lotion, perfect for hand and nail repair.

3. Enhanced depth of Shea butter, coconut and rosemary oil combination to ease through headache tension meaning it's great to use in your hair when massaging your scalp, also rosemary essential oil is known to boost hair growth.

With the packs ready to go, off they went with a little message "From Me To You, because I Miss You". Turns out they were received with warm gratitude. It was such a pleasure to receive some photo's of my sisters and nieces "Mummy and Daughter Spa Day"

Sometimes it's the little things that bring us the greatest pleasure. This week as we slowly begin to absorb the realisation of the possibility that we will be phased out of this pandemic - What will your priorities be?

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