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Say Good bye to dry skin and hello to Shea Butter, Coconut oil and Eucalyptus blended body butter

Updated: May 10, 2020

Dry skin is a massive burden for so many of us, whether it's down to cold weather or a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, we just do not want to be constantly having to feel that tight, cracked and sometimes quite sore feeling. I used so many different products, from the most wealthiest of brands to those found on the high street, creams, lotions, petroleum jelly to water based ointments, some had positive benefits, some were just a complete disappointment. I got to a point where I just became fed up of trying out products that had limited sustainable impact and ventured onto my own journey that was best for me and best for my skin. I'm not about to entice the notion that my journey is the same as yours - NO WAY!, we are all different but it is important to me to remain indifferent.

A very dear friend of mine came back from his travels to Ghana, during our conversations, where he was explaining the wonders of the Mother Land and the wealth of opportunities that Ghana, specifically Accra had to offer, I noticed that as he was talking I started starring at his lips and outwardly said "Your lips are dry" - comically, he stopped, smiled , dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a tub. When he opened it the aroma was so endearing I immediately questioned "What is that?" "Shea Butter" - he replied. "Huh?" I looked confused, in fact he looked confused at the fact that I was confused, like I should have just known it was 'Shea Butter'. He said, "Yes - natural Shea Butter. I looked at this tub, opened it and passed my finger over this butter, immediately, I fell in love with the texture, the smoothness of how it glided through my fingers. I placed some on my lips, dabbed my lips together and I was in awe. I couldn't stop pouting and rubbing my lips together. They felt so smooth and lush. I completely forgot! HE was the one with the dry lips lol!

From that moment, the light bulb switched on. He had said that he combined the shea butter with coconut oil and vanilla pods to enhance the aroma - to be honest I wasn't a big fan of the vanilla but the smell of the butter and the thought of combining oils and aroma's intrigued me to start making my very own shea butter body cream. I tried a variety of blends from frankincense to lemongrass and sweet orange to peppermint. All had it's own level of depth and intensity when combined with the shea butter but didn't really ground me enough to keep making and using it.

As time went on and experiments continued. The up's and down's of getting the right mix and textures, I finally found a combination that works for me and I absolutely love it!

Shea butter and coconut oil with Eucalyptus! is now my everyday body butter. It's light, It's creamy, it's fluffy and it's SO ME! Along with drinking plenty of water each day to keep my skin hydrated, applying my body butter, not only adds a personal touch but gives my skin a sense of freedom to breathe, it provides enhanced softness and my skin feels so smooth.

So GOOD BYE to dry weathered skin and HELLO to a new sense of well being and confidence.

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