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Benefits of an In-Home Massage

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It's been so refreshing to hear the "PING" on my phone to alert me that a new enquiry has come through. As I open the messages it is delightful to see the urgency of clients wanting to book a massage appointment. To know you have been eagerly awaiting the close contact service and how much it has been missed warms my heart. New clients, I welcome your messages regarding In-Home massage and your curiosity as to what benefits it can bring. I fully understand the nervousness that the pandemic has bought to us as individuals and

within our communities. It is you who has inspired this post and I hope whilst you read, I can help calm your anxieties and promote positivity in your thoughts as you look forward to receiving your treatment that will afford you the enlightened emotion of comfortability and peace of mind.

Why choose an In-Home Massage?

A potential client asked, "Please explain the difference of a massage at home compared to a massage in a Spa? I reflected upon this question, and posed back to the potential client, "When in a Spa, are you able to immediately fall back into a deep sleep after your massage treatment has finished and your therapist has left your room? She took quite a while before she answered, I assumed to also reflect and process her experiences of being in a Spa and ending her treatment "No, she answered". Still deep in thought, she said " I have to leave and travel back home, on the tube, walking through the cluster of people often barging their way into the station, and then, I sometimes struggle to find a seat to sit in. I chose not to interject her continued thoughts she was sharing out loud. "Actually, come to think of it, by the time I get home. I'm quite flustered and tired". I probed, "Is the feeling positive or negative?" She responded in quite a sarcastic, yet comical manner "Well, I do not feel relaxed and calm - so, no, it is definitely not a positive feeling" At that point, I said "That is you coming to a conclusion as to why you should opt for an In-Home massage, purely for the benefit of relaxation and positive emotions". Needless to say, she booked both her and her parter in for a treatment the next day.

Without completely shutting out the experience that a Spa day can bring, it is important to be open minded and value the space and energy your own home environment can offer when you opt for an In-Home Massage.

  1. Your therapist comes to you. With a click of a button and a guaranteed response, your therapist will be at your door at a day and time that suits you.

  2. You will be in the comfort of your own home -You are in your comfort zone, you can control the environment with soothing music or scented candles and using your own towels and comfort pillows if you wish.

  3. You won't be encouraged to rush off after your treatment - After your therapist has left, you can enjoy the true benefits of the restorative care that massage therapy has to offer, whether that is going straight to sleep, or relaxing in the garden, the choice will be yours.

  4. You will gain that 1:1 experience. You can select the type of massage treatment you would like and through a detailed consultation, your therapist will be able to tailor the treatment to suit your requirements.

  5. Build a long term professional relationship. You will have the opportunity to build a good working relationship with your therapist as they will know your requirements first hand and will offer you the very best after-care as your holistic therapy goals are met over time.

Captured by this post, then get in touch so we can book you in and create an experience tailored to meet the needs your body and mind require.

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