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Mindfulness - "Find your personal space, unlock your positive energy"

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I have always been interested in creating a personal space, understanding memory palaces and taking time out to reflect and process just how much our mind goes through in one working day.

When do we get time to stop?, when do we get time to think?, breathe?, feel?, taste? touch? When do we actually get time to appreciate us as a human being. My career started off as a Teacher, working in inner city secondary schools! Everyday bought on a new level of stress. Every day a new decision, every day a new problem. Taking myself away from the intensity was difficult. My journey into Holistic Therapy started in 2008, I began to look at life in a completely different way. I veered into understanding the notion of developing a 'Positive Mental Attitude' - My bible to maintaing this is a book by "Brian Tracey - "Maximum Achievement" the words in this book aided my personal healing process, each activity led me to understand myself as a person and also manage how I dealt with problems and issues that arrived on a daily basis. Over the years I continued reflecting upon the strategies recommended in the book. I felt a sense of achievement. I even bought copies as gifts for friends in hope they would gain from it as I did.

I began training as a Massage Therapist in 2013 and moved into working with a wealth of clients from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different experiences. My voluntary work within local communities, Cancer Research and The London marathon was highly inspirational for me and over the years, I have found that the art of mindfulness has always existed, it just had not been made clear of its power to aid healing. As we entered the millennia world we saw a change in people, a change in attitude, the rise of mental health, anxiety, depression, stress! These were always there but didn't really have a platform to voice the impact it was having on us as humans.

But, they have a voice now, they have a voice today, and that voice is saying to all those who experience these feelings, to all those who have been diagnosed with these conditions! That voice is saying "You no longer need to suffer. We are here. Reach out and we will help you".

Mindfulness offers that level of support that so many of us need. It is a technique that we can practice every day, it is a technique that we can reach out to whenever we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by the stresses that life affords us. If you are familiar with "Chakra Healing", then you can use similar mindfulness techniques to unblock your Chakras.

Mindfulness is about returning yourself to the present moment. The aim is not to quiet your mind. The aim is to pay attention to the present moment without judgement... I feel you say "Is it really that easy?"... How easy something is, depends on your willingness to invest in it.

It is wise to note that as you practice mindfulness, your mind will start to wander, as you try to bring yourself into the present moment, you will start to remember what happened yesterday, the day before, start to overthink the time you are wasting doing this, start to think about what you are going to have for dinner, or what does the future look like - Your mind will try its best to be anywhere but where you are! The present moment! This we shall not fear, we are human after all. Researchers believe that this is where the practice of mindfulness begins. If you have noticed that your mind has wandered, then you can consciously bring it back to the present moment. Our brains are tailored to judge but when we practice looking deeper into our judgements and focusing on diffusing them we begin a learning process of choice. We start to learn how to choose how we perceive things and how we react to them. Make a conscious attempt not to judge yourself for the thoughts that arise during your practice of mindfulness, make a mental note, acknowledge them and let them pass.

The more you practice Mindfulness, using the sensation of the breath, the better you can bring yourself back into the present moment. Remember, how easy something is, depends on your willingness to invest in it.

I like to use the following techniques for when I am in need to bring myself back to the present moment. Again, please do not feel you have to practice in this way, this is really about helping you to understand ways to allow you to be part of your personal well being.

Mindfulness Practice

1. Find a quiet and calm place. (This can be anywhere you want, at home, on a park bench or even in your office during your lunch break, just make sure you lock the door or put up the busy sign, so you do not get interrupted)

2. Set a time limit and a regular time of day that suits you. As my days are quite busy, I tend to set my limit to 15-25mins a day in the evening. If this is new to you , then try to allocate 5 - 10mins. As you feel the benefits, you may wish to increase the the time you spend practicing.

3. Sit down to give notice to your body. Your body needs to know, you are preparing it for an action. I sit on the floor either on my yoga mat or a soft rug. You can cross your legs or stretch them out. The aim is to feel stable. It is important to feel a sense of being grounded.

4. Breathe. Start to capture the moment you are in through catching your breath as you breathe in and out, start to focus more and more on the breath.

5. Notice your mind wandering as you notice this happening just bring your attention back the breathe.

6. Pass no judgement and be kind to your wandering mind. Do not judge yourself or fall into the obsession of the content of your thoughts. Do not get lost in those thoughts, just bring yourself back to the present moment, bring yourself back to the breath.

When your time is up, just open your eyes and reflect on how you feel - each day note these feelings down as a reminder of the positive feelings that Mindfulness can bring.

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