Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Massage involve?

A range of techniques are used depending on the type of massage you have selected. Your massage therapist will talk you through these techniques during your consultation. Massage therapists do not treat or cure body pain but massage therapy can help to loosen muscular tension, improve muscle movement, sleep, relaxation and your overall well being

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Clients will be required to prepare an appropriate space to allow therapist to set up. Clients will also be required to provide 2 large towels and 2 small towels. Depending on the type of massage selected, Clients are expected to wear underwear or a vest top and shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms.

What should I expect from my first session?

The therapist will arrive in professional clothing suitable for your treatment. The therapist will also arrive with a massage table and a selection of essential oils / wax balm. The base oil will be grape seed oil. The therapist will require a room to wash their hands before and after the treatment. The therapist will present a consultation form for you to update medical issues and sign. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before and after a massage and also rest and take it easy for the rest of the day to gain the maximum benefit from the treatment.

COVID-19  - What are the hygiene and safety requirements and expectations?

* The therapist will arrive wearing a mask and visor at least 15mins prior to the start of the treatment for set up and signing of the consultation forms. A smile and hello will be used to greet clients. No handshakes will be permitted. The therapist will wear a face mask and visor during the treatment. 

* There will be no face-to-face treatments and more time will be spent on other areas of the body. 

* The treatment must be carried out in a room that has the ability to open a window and is near a bathroom facility for the therapist to wash their hands in line with COVID-19 hygiene regulations.  

*The therapist will use a massage couch and disposable couch roll on top. The therapist will then place the client's own towel onto the couch to prepare for the treatment. The therapist will wash their hands prior to physical contact of the client. 

*As the client you will be freshly showered and be dressed appropriately for you treatment as discussed in your consultation. 

*If you experience any symptoms related to COVID-19 within 24hrs or after 24hrs of your treatment then please let the therapist know immediately to re-schedule appointments. 

* If the therapist feels unsafe in the environment. The treatment will not go ahead and all payments will be returned. Any unprofessional behaviours will be reported and the client will not have the right to book further appointments. 

*After the treatment the therapist will leave client to wash hands, offer aftercare advice and dispose of couch roll into a plastic bag and sanitise the couch with hygiene wipes upon leaving the clients residence. 

What are the booking procedures?

*All appointments will be made over the phone or via email. 

*All consultations will be done over the phone or live video calls either on the day of booking or within 48hours of receipt of your appointment enquiry.  You will receive confirmation of your booking shortly after the consultation.

*Consultation forms will be signed on the arrival of your treatment please provide your own pen. 

All cash payments must be provided in an envelope and paid on arrival prior to treatment. Alternatively, you can pay directly by card and a payment link will be sent to you during your consultation.

All treatments will be booked for 1 hour with 15mins prep time on arrival.  

Cancel or Reschedule an appointment

All bookings are done over the phone. You are able to cancel or reschedule an appointment within 24hours notice.

What travel areas do you cover?

Travel areas covered are those with an East London e.g. (E15) and Redbridge postcode e.g. (IG1). Any areas outside those specified will incur an extra travel fee on top of the published price of the treatment. This can be discussed during your consultation.